My Pharma Company

Royalty Funding

"Put some life in your investments!"


How does it works ?

We focus exclusively on financing rigorously selected healthcare products that are close to market launch. These are typically diagnostic tests, medical devices or e-solutions.

We bring significant value by working closely with each team on the clinical study design, the market access strategy and all communication aspects.

Our success is closely linked to the commercial success of each product because we will receive a percentage of the overall annual royalties paid to investors. Thus, we have a vested interest in selecting quality projects and products.


Selection of projects with high potential of commercial success

Operational long-term collaboration

Market access and communication

Our pillars

To be a catalyst of the commercial success of innovative healthcare products

Accelerate the launch of each product by providing the expertise and the funding required

• Rigorous project selection

• Operational contribution

• Long-term commitment

Discover all medical projects

Selected medical projects

Our team of experts selects attractive projects, ideally at a fairly advanced stage of development and/or with near-term sales potential.

Select the projects you want to support

You decide

Among projects that cover a wide variety of medical areas: from anti-cancer drugs to rapid diagnostics, treatment of allergy to breakthrough implantable devices, you select the one(s) that best fit your interest.

Support far as you can

Within your means

From a minimum of 50€, all contributions are welcome and give you the corresponding R&D points (50€=1 R&D point; 500€=10 R&D points). There is no limit to the amount you may decide to invest.

Follow the progress of projects

Regular monitoring

Through My Pharma Company, you will be informed regularly about the progress of the projects you supported.

Enjoy return on investment

Return on investment

Should your project(s) start to generate sales, you will receive a pre-determined percentage of the sales corresponding to your R&D points.