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CROWDTUESDAY : royalty financing

CROWDTUESDAY : royalty financing

CROWDTUESDAY : royalty financing


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Royalty Financing

Crowdfunding can take many forms: donations, loans, and capital investment. It can also take the form of royalties or financial rewards based on the turnover of a company. We will understand the specificities and challenges of this type of financing through two platforms: Mypharmacompany and Wedogood;

And the testimony of a project promoter. In addition Dominique Stucki will intervene to set the regulatory framework for this type of financing.

Speaker Program :

- Wedogood, investment platform in positive impact. 

- Mypharmacompany, a royalty platform dedicated to health.

- Speak of Isna Kinbembe, project  Des Kodes

- Dominique Stucki, AVISTEM, regulatory framework and expected developments. 

 In partnership with  Avistem logo


These exchanges will be followed by informal discussions around a buffet.

ATTENTION: Since the number of seats is very limited, please register only if you are sure to come.


About CrowdTuesday : 

The « CrowdTuesday » is an event bringing together crowdfunding actors at the local level. In an informal and welcoming atmosphere, the CrowdTuesday is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the news of crowdfunding followed by a moment of exchange around a drink. Participation is free.

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