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Notice to Subscribers

The information on My Pharma Company website contain forward-looking statements and information on the objectives of Project owner, especially in regard to the research project and the marketing plan, which are sometimes identified by the use of the future, conditional and forward-looking terms such as "estimate", "consider", "aim", "expect", "intend", "should", "want" and "could". This information is based on data, assumptions and estimates reasonably considered by the Project owner and My Pharma Company.

Forward-looking statements and targets contained on the site My Pharma Company may be affected by known and unknown risks, uncertainties related to the regulatory environment in particular, economic, financial, and competitive and other factors that could cause future results, performance and achievements of the Project Developer differing significantly from the stated or implied targets. These factors may include the factors described in the "Risk Factors", available on the website (

Subscribers are advised to carefully consider the risk factors described in the "Risk Factors" document before making their investment decision. The realization of any or all of these risks may have a negative effect on the business, the situation, the financial performance of the Project Owner or objectives. Furthermore, other risks not yet identified or considered as insignificant by the Project owner, could have the same negative effect and investors may lose all or part of the expected benefits related to their purchases of the project R&D Pointsâ„¢.

The presentation of projects also contains information on Project owner markets and competitors, as well as its competitive positioning. Some information comes from studies including by external sources. However, publicly available information, the Project owner considers reliable, have not all been verified by an independent expert and the Project owner and My Pharma Company cannot guarantee that a third party using different methods to gather, analyze or compute market data would obtain the same results. The Project owner, My Pharma Company, direct or indirect shareholders of Project owner and advisory services or investment undertake no commitment or make any warranty as to the accuracy of such information.